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Information security is the ever evolving process of using the best tools at your disposal to protect your data. Online privacy is about retaining control over who should be able to access your data as well as if, when, how, and for what purpose your data should be collected, stored, or used.

Everyone has a right to privacy. Products and services that are built to collect as little data as possible and handle it as securely as possible can help you exercise that right.

Unfortunately in a world where data is frequently over-collected and mishandled, where most tech companies (from Big Tech to the small company down the street) rely on a business model known as surveillance capitalism, where governments and regimes around the world are increasingly turning to broad surveillance powers to control and influence the public, and ultimately stifle dissent, choosing products and services that respect your privacy is not always an option, and it’s no longer enough.

Privacy is a basic human right that is increasingly under threat all around the world. While this guide can be a good place to start understanding your power and the individual choices you and your family, community, or business can make to protect that power, at some point you might feel the need to fight for more long-lasting change, for a more just society, one that fully respects human rights. At this stage you might feel the need to organize, to take action, to protest. That’s okay, that’s needed.