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I’ve created this project with the aim of providing everyone the tools they need to start building digital spaces that are purposefully private and secure.

Privacy is having the freedom to decide who should be able to access your data and on what terms. Privacy is about having a space for yourself.

Information security is the ever evolving process everyone needs to embark on to keep data safe. There is no privacy without security.

Your data is your thoughts, your friends, your fears, your dreams, your secrets, your passions, your personal space, your community. Your data is you, but it’s also the people around you, the people you care about.

Everyone has a right to privacy and choosing tools that are built to collect as little data as possible and handle it as securely as possible can help you exercise that right.

Unfortunately we live in a world where data is frequently over-collected and mishandled, where a few very big corporations control most of the Internet, where most tech companies rely on a business model that’s built on monitoring every aspect of our lives and where governments and authoritarian regimes are increasingly turning to ever-broader surveillance powers to influence and control the public – ultimately stifling dissent.

In the current scenario treating privacy as a matter of personal choice is no longer enough, both because the ability to choose is not always there (particularly for marginalized communities) and because privacy should be the default, not the exception.

The goal of this website is helping you understand how to better protect yourself and the people around you by getting a sense of how things work and the actions you can take.

What we ultimately need, though, is collective action. We need to talk about privacy and information security in our communities. We need to elect into office people that will work to protect and expand our rights, not to erode them. We need to organize. We need to protest.

Here’s to hoping Precisely Private will help you along the way.