Weekly Exploration Update • 10

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Welcome to the Weekly Exploration Update, a roundup of the privacy-related content I’ve come across over the past 7 days. / Benvenutu al Weekly Exploration Update, una raccolta dei contenuti relativi alla privacy che ho incontrato negli ultimi 7 giorni.

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📰 Articles

Update Your iPhone So You Can Tell Apps to Stop Tracking You

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai – Motherboard

To Be Tracked or Not? Apple Is Now Giving Us the Choice.

Brian X. Chen – The New York Times

Facebook and Instagram notices in iOS apps tell users tracking helps keep them ‘free of charge’

Kim Lyons – The Verge

A software bug let malware bypass macOS’ security defenses

Zack Whittaker – TechCrunch

Google Promised Its Contact Tracing App Was Completely Private—But It Wasn’t

Alfred Ng – The Markup

Vaccine Registries Are Good, Vaccine Apps Are Invasive

Albert Fox Cahn, Mahima Arya – WIRED

Q&A: The battle over face surveillance is about to heat up

Evan Selinger, Evan Greer – The Boston Globe

A false facial recognition match sent this innocent Black man to jail

John General, Jon Sarlin – CNN

Browse The Intercept Anonymously and Securely Using Our New Tor Onion Service

Micah Lee – The Intercept

Artificial Intelligence Is Misreading Human Emotion

Kate Crawford – The Atlantic

Biden administration says DHS can’t collect even more social media info at the border

Mitchell Clark – The Verge

📄 Blog posts

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency is Upending Mobile Phone Tracking

Gennie Gebhart, Bennett Cyphers – EFF

Greek camps for asylum seekers to introduce partly automated surveillance systems

Corina Petridi – AlgorithmWatch

Russia: Police target peaceful protesters identified using facial recognition technology

Amnesty International

Experian API Exposed Credit Scores of Most Americans

Brian Krebs – Krebs on Security

European Parliament confirms new online censorship powers


Irish DPC openly acknowledges: It does not decide about GDPR complaints. At least 99.93% see no decision, despite €19.1 million funding.


Signal app insists it’s so private it can’t provide subpoenaed call data

David Ruiz – Malwarebytes

Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California


🗞 Press releases

Protocol for exclusion: why COVID-19 vaccine “passports” threaten human rights

Access Now

💌 Open letters

Citizen Lab Responds to NSO Group and Continued Spyware Abuse

Miles Kenyon – Citizen Lab

🎧 Podcasts

Inside One of the Biggest Apple Device Hacks Ever

CYBER – Motherboard

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📰 Articoli

iOS 14.5 e la svolta Apple sulla privacy (che non piace a Facebook): ora puoi scegliere se essere tracciato dalle app

Michela Rovelli – Corriere della Sera

La “macchina della verità” alle frontiere di cui l’Europa preferiva non parlare

Ludovica Jona – Wired Italia

La Grecia arruola sistemi di sorveglienza tech per i campi migranti nelle isole dell’Egeo

Luca Zorloni – Wired Italia

«Riprenditi la tua faccia»: perché anche in Italia serve una mobilitazione contro le tecnologie della sorveglianza

Davide Del Monte – Domani

Contenuti terroristici online: limiti e rischi del regolamento europeo #TERREG

Bruno Saetta – Valigia Blu

📄 Post di blog

Nuovi poteri di censura online per i paesi europei con il TERREG – un’analisi

Leila Belhadj Mohamed – Privacy Network

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