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Hi, I’m Tobia Alberti. I’ve launched Precisely Private in June 2017 and have been running it in my spare time ever since.

Precisely Private is an online privacy guide for the general public. My goal with this project is to communicate widely recognized best practices around data privacy and security, as well as highlight related resources from people, organizations, news outlets, and companies that are trying to create public engagement around these topics.


Feel free to reach out to submit any questions or feedback you might have.

Email: preciselyprivate [at] proton [dot] me 🔑
Matrix: @tobiaalberti:matrix.org

RSS feed and newsletter

You can copy-paste the Precisely Private RSS feed into your RSS reader of choice to read the project’s blog posts conveniently and at your own pace:


A few noteworthy options when it comes to choosing an RSS reader are NetNewsWire (for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS), Feeder (for Android), and Raven or Feedbro (for macOS, Windows, and Linux).

If you’d rather have new blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, you can subscribe to the Precisely Private newsletter below.

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