Chestnut Update

Updates to Good practices:

  • Welcome to the new Bring other people in chapter, here to better highlight a few important points previously included as part of the Conclusion chapter.
  • Partly rewritten the Conclusion chapter.


Dark Violet Update

Updates to Good practices:

Added to Articles:

Added to Tools:

Updates to Resources:

Pink Pearl Update

Updates to Good practices:

Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

Lavender magenta Update

Changes to Good practices:

Updates to Tools:

Improvements to Resources and Updates:

  • Minor layout improvements.

Updates to About:

  • Improved and expanded the content of the page.

Precisely Private Update

Hello to a new name! It’s been fun work-shopping it with friends and family and I hope you’ll find it clear and refreshing as I do. I’m still a toolbox, of course. But hopefully an easier and more enjoyable one at that.

Now let’s get to everything else that changed…

Visual updates:

• Welcome to an brand new UI ready to be scrolled, clicked, and tapped.
• The project logo has ditched the background and it now comes in white and dark green variants (depending on the context).
• Introduced a new header background. I find it gorgeous, to be honest.
• Browsing Videos, Articles, Tools, and Resources will now hopefully be easier thanks to the increased text size for titles, the de-coupling of bylines and publisher names from titles, and the extended space between items themselves.

Updates to Tools:

• Added LastPass Authenticator (LogMeIn).
• Removed mention of Microsoft’s authenticator app.

Updates to About:

• Rewritten the content of the page.
• Moved all social media buttons to the header section of the site.
• Removed the project’s Telegram channel.